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About our Un-Dissertation site: Creating new brain habits to get the dissertation done

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If you’ve been trying to Write a Dissertation…

then switching to an Un-Dissertation mindset can take some guidance and practice.

Knowing that people want and need different styles, amounts, and intensity of coaching, I have created a bit of a “menu” of ways to guide UnDissertationers.

Let me start by talking a bit about what I “do” as an UnDissertation coach…

Dissertation coaches do different things.

Consulting vs Coaching - What I don’t do

Sometimes “coaches” aren’t actually “coaching” so much as “consulting” and helping the person through actually creating the content of a dissertation.

While I do give people input about writing, thinking about structure, etc. as this comes up, it isn’t my primary focus. I’m thinking you are already paying for this through your institutional fees ;-).

I do like to know the content of your dissertation as I think this helps me understand what you’re thinking about and be more specific in helping you figure out what’s hanging you up in a certain place, but I’m not like a committee member per se.

What I do is to address:

(1) the kind of “mindset” issues that can get in a person’s way

(2) work strategies and “work habits” to increase productivity and reduce barriers to getting it done

(3) keeping you on the big picture — while you are working on the micro-steps (This might look like treating the dissertation as the first large academic project of a longer academic life — an experimental ground, as it were; maintaining a work-life balance; getting out of specific problems that stall progress; holding the “big picture” of a chapter or the project; etc.)

(4) occasional feedback on dissertation bits if this helps you move ahead more effectively by sharing a different way of looking at your “problem” or shifting your perspective enough that you can solve it yourself or use your advisor/committee more effectively

(5) providing an “accountability check” that progress (pages and/or mindset shifts) is happening ;-)

(6) connecting you to other UnDissertationers for support, encouragement, and celebration!

Who I Work With

I particularly enjoy working with students who are feeling Very Stuck or Very Lost, especially those away from a physical campus and its colleagues.

These  folks have some unique challenges and are more likely to get caught in their own minds through the isolation of the work.

But the Un-Dissertation mindset and “toolbox” are applicable to every stage of the dissertation process.

How we Work

Generally, folks start with an introduction to the Un-Dissertation brain-habit tools through 4 free group phone calls plus 4 weeks of participation in an on-line Discussion Group . This gets us all on the same page as we talk and support each other through completing the dissertations.

From there, we have Options:

Getting Started. Want to be connected to a “safe” place? Have some guidance to practice the Un-Dissertation brain habits, but can’t afford or don’t have time for group calls? Then you can stay connected with our website Discussion Group for a small monthly fee.

Group coaching. For a supplementary  fee, you can add in participation in bi-weekly group calls that continue helping you build your new brain habits and apply them to your dissertation. Although we do some focusing on individuals and goal-setting, we still focus more on grappling with how our perspectives can move us forward or hold us back and creating strategies for shifting to more positive and productive brain habits. “Accountability” commitments ( for those who know about coaching) are more about how you will apply these shifts than directly about number of pages or completed sections. People find these calls give them an extra boost of energy and commitment and more targeted postings in the website Discussion Group.

Individual coaching. Sometimes people just feel they need not only the strategies and work on brain habits, they also want some individual attention to their own dissertation process and progress. For this, I have coaching packages available that give you individual time and attention in addition to the group calls and website Discussion Group. The packages are crafted based on what you think you need and what you can afford.

To get started, the best thing to do is to participate in the 4 free group calls. That means filling out the Application Form here (coming - email me for now ;-) and telling me a bit about yourself and where your dissertation process is at.

I look forward to meeting you!

(Of course, if this isn’t what you’re looking for, try these links <coming!> for other alternatives.)